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What is B2B Market Research? An Overview

  • Date posted : July 06, 2021
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What is B2B Market Research? An Overview
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B2B companies, B2B Marketplace companies, and B2B portals, there is one powerful marketing tool they all require for success- B2B Market Research. B2B marketplace companies specifically need a solid B2B market research backed by statistics and data. In this blog post, we will be elaborating every major aspect regarding B2B market research making it easier for the B2B marketplace, companies, and platforms to understand the importance of B2B research.

What is B2B Marketing Research?

B2B marketing research is the practice of gathering information about your market by doing a survey on a fair sample of its members. This information from B2B marketing research is gathered to gain valuable insights. The sample pool may include existing, past, and potential customers missed prospects, and marketers. In a strong employment industry, surveys may also be conducted on existing and potential employees.

B2B Market research is a subcategory of B2B market analysis that focuses on specific customer segments. It may give useful information to facilitate business development efforts, from determining which market segments to engage with to developing tailored content that connects with customers in these segments.

B2B Market analysis aids in major tactical planning such as approaching an industry or buying assets. To deliver a statistical assessment of a market, B2B market analysis considers the size of the market, overall growth, patterns, rivals, viability, and so on. 

How to Find the Participants for B2B Research? 

A company's database is a valuable tool for B2B market research engagement. This data is likely to contain individuals who should be surveyed. Competitors provide a plethora of information about themselves that may be utilized in B2B market research engagement. On their platforms, many firms especially B2B marketplace sites disclose which organizations they partner with. Some also post the names and designations of their customers via reviews or feedback, which may be useful if you're looking to acquire competitor's information.

Purchasing a list can be an exorbitant method of acquiring new connections. Joining industry groups is usually a great and cost-effective recruitment strategy for B2B research. By associating with industry groups, you may check membership lists, attendees, or guest lists to find individuals who could be interested in participating in your B2B market research.

Methods for Gathering Data

There are two prime approaches you can take for collecting information for your B2B research- Qualitative and Quantitative.

Qualitative Method- Researchers use this method to speak closely with clients in order to obtain their experiences and perspectives on your company, item, services, or other areas of the B2B marketplace. This sort of study is time-consuming and demands consistent efforts since it includes live interactions. Also, it can be more difficult to evaluate. On the brighter note, qualitative B2B research offers unparalleled insight and empowers you to ask detailed questions and follow a different course of inquiry as possibilities present themselves. The most popular methods for doing qualitative research include telephonic interviews, one-on-one interviews, and group discussions.

B2B markets are more complicated, and qualitative B2B research allows us to fully comprehend them. The B2B sales cycle is more complex, and qualitative methods enable us to discern subtle communication.

Quantitative Method- Quantitative researchers follow a systematic questionnaire survey to ask everyone the identical list of questions.  While open-ended questions are absolutely acceptable in quantitative research, they are rarely chosen so that a huge amount of data can be evaluated more easily. Quantitative research's more rigorous framework offers a variety of methods, such as digital and phone surveys. 

Quantitative B2B research is more controlled than qualitative research, which reduces partiality and facilitates comparing answers amongst individuals or groups. Quantitative data points can serve as the basis for certain intriguing studies. It can also aid in the management of sensitive internal matters.

Types of Questions

Before we mention the types of questions you can ask in a survey, understand that a major deciding factor is an outcome you desire from the particular survey. Below mentioned are some major types of questions you can utilize in a B2B market research- 

Yes, or No- When you need a precise and direct answer to a subject, use this.

On a Scale- When you wish to assess replies on a scale, use this. Scale points ranging from 1 to 10 are frequently used.

Multiple Choice Questions- This can be used When you wish to limit the responses to a certain group of potential solutions.  You may provide a little freedom by enabling participants to pick more than one response, select "Not mentioned here" as their option, or provide a bespoke answer. 

Open-ended Questions- When you want participants to offer their own replies, use this form of a question. In qualitative B2B research, you may ask a respondent to focus on a particular part of his or her response.


B2B marketing research may help your B2B business become more market-aware, and equipped for transformation. A skilled research associate can undertake the legwork and provide a more sophisticated analysis of the findings.

B2B marketing research is a significant, yet frequently neglected technique. Whether you're pondering how to re-establish your firm's power, what is really happening in the industry, or how to gain an edge over your competitors, the explanations are there in the B2B research. All you require is are the resources to retrieve them.

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