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B2B Marketing Strategies for Millennials

  • Date posted : July 07, 2021
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B2B Marketing Strategies for Millennials
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The demographic group after Generation X and prior Generation Z is Millennials, commonly known as Generation Y or Gen Y. Researchers use the beginning of the 1980s as starting birth years and the mid-1990s, to the beginning of the 2000s as ending birth years. 

Millennials have entered the business-to-business sector, and they are changing the system for marketers. It is essential to modify and redefine the marketing strategies for millennials. While millennials are not tech-savvy like Gen z, they have spent a huge part of their lives seeing the changes up close. As a result, companies targeting millennials must first learn their preferences and then communicate with them accordingly. In this article, we will discuss some of the major B2B marketing strategies for millennials- 

Be Ubiquitous

This is the most important B2B marketing strategy for millennials. Millennials are always available on the internet and do not hold back from using the technologies. Since there is no simple method to approach this demographic, your marketing team must use a range of media and platforms. When targeting millennials, your content must be present on every platform and must also be customized according to every platform. Whether it is a website or app, it must be mobile responsive. Content and features should be tailored accordingly. Along with Gen Z, Millennials are also enthusiastic video content viewers. Videos are becoming an essential component of the marketer's toolkit, and they are using it to describe company functionalities, promote the company and workforce, showcase comments and suggestions, etc.

Feedback and Suggestions

Many studies have shown that more than 90 percent of buyers read at least 3 reviews or feedbacks before purchasing the product or service. Working closely with market key influencers, displaying constructive criticism from your best customers, showing up in notable media outlets, responding to requests or reviews posted regarding your company on social networking sites, and engaging in events are all good attributes appreciated by millennials. However, be aware that they also have a knack for distinguishing between the legitimate and the fake; so, be authentic and present your company in a fair manner. This is one critical marketing strategy for millennials; if implemented carelessly, it will not yield results.

Digital Communication

B2B buyers prefer multichannel communication strategies for speedy and instantaneous acceptance of information that provides them with all they require in the most simplified way imaginable. Interaction with the salesperson was previously the initial stage in the sales cycle, but currently, these are not by any means a primary channel for millennial customers. These meetings are still crucial, but the B2B millennials demand that they take place far down the line. B2B Millennials regard online research, social media, and friends and colleagues to be their key sources of information. 

Global Online B2B Marketplace

The increase in global digital B2B marketplaces has reinvented the market and B2B millennials are part of it. In the digital realm, millennials are gradually modifying their purchasing patterns. Companies used to focus on a single, regional, and consistent vendor to get what they wanted for their operations.

Millennials can now make direct purchases from suppliers and manufacturers thanks to the new digital marketplace. B2B companies that want to remain profitable must have a strong digital presence and should maintain it. This is not any regular B2B marketing strategy for millennials, it is a major decision-influencing factor.

The Human Touch

Contrary to the belief, B2B buyers are not just about stats and facts, and especially millennials. Millennials are tough to satisfy, in fact, maybe more difficult than Gen Z, and any conventional approach would almost certainly be discarded. When connecting with this demographic, B2B marketers must use the highest level of personalization and one-on-one interaction. Before you start marketing, do your research to learn all about the context and demands. When targeting millennials, take advantage of social connections; because as we discussed before, they are more likely to trust the suggestions given by their peers. 

Timely Response

When millennials start to connect with you, they judge you on how quickly you can respond with reliable valuable insights. Instead of flooding them with notifications, take the time to develop appropriate information and data, and when they approach you, deliver customized material suitable for their business requirements. If you will value their time, they will value yours. 


Millennial customers are redefining the market and will do so even more in the coming years. Businesses who are committed to detect the change and provide the solutions and engagements that this generation demands will not only survive but also thrive. 

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