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Trade Party Verification

Confirm that the trading partners you plan to do business with are legally registered and in operation by ordering a background check. Request a similar assessment of your own company to advertise on the GTP website that you are a party that can be fully trusted.

Drawing Samples, Pre-Dispatch Inspection And Shipment Supervision

Book inspection services both in India and abroad to ensure that the goods and shipment meet contractual specifications.

Factory Audit To Evaluate Supplier Credibility Or To Decide OEM Or Non-OEM

Let our experts assess your supplier's production processes to ensure compliance with contractual specifications.

Product Testing

Ensure your products meet the quality and safety requirements of the local or overseas market with our comprehensive testing services.

Pre and Post Shipment Inspection

Book inspection services at any country or port in the world to ensure your goods meet quality and safety standards.
Pre and Post Shipment Inspection:

Inspection services for pre and post shipment are intended to guarantee that your merchandise complies with quality and safety standards before it is dispatched to your customers. The following is how it operates:

Pre-shipment inspection:

Prior to the shipment of your goods, our inspectors will visit the factory or warehouse where your products are being produced and carry out a thorough examination. This includes verifying the quantity, quality, and packaging of your items to guarantee that they meet your requirements and comply with local laws. By detecting any problems before the goods leave the factory, we can assist you in avoiding costly setbacks and rejections by customs authorities.

Post-shipment inspection:

Upon arrival of your goods at their destination, our inspectors can perform a post-shipment inspection to ensure that they have not sustained any damage during transit. This includes verifying that the right amount and quality of goods have been delivered, checking for any damage or flaws, and ensuring that the packaging is intact.

In general, inspection services for pre and post shipment can help you decrease risks, enhance the quality of your products, and guarantee that your company complies with industry and regulatory standards. As a result, schedule our inspection services now to ensure the safety and quality of your goods.

How It Works?

Booking a verification service with SGS and Global Trade Plaza is effortless and uncomplicated. Follow the steps below:
1.First, complete the booking form by specifying the type of service required and provide the required information (about the goods or factory, including the quantity, description, and production process).
2.SGS representative will contact you to collect the information needed to issue a commercial proposal for a service provision.
3.Payment can then be made securely online or through other payment methods once the booking request has been confirmed.
4.If the request is for a factory audit, taking samples or product testing, an SGS representative will contact you to arrange a suitable time and date.
With SGS and Global Trade Plaza, you can be assured that your goods comply with your contractual specifications as well as local and international standards of quality and safety.


Global Trade Plaza is a pioneering global B2B marketplace based in India. Their goal is to make online B2B trade and export business streamlined and effortless for exporters and importers across the globe. With numerous active sellers and buyers worldwide, Global Trade Plaza provides a robust platform that helps clients make profitable businesses and enhances the quality of supply chain management.
SGS, on the other hand, is the leading testing, inspection, and certification company recognized globally as the benchmark for sustainability, quality, and integrity. With a network of 99,600 employees and 2,600 offices and laboratories around the world, SGS services enable a better, safer, and more interconnected world through its services.

About the Collaboration

The collaboration between Global Trade Plaza and SGS is a strategic alliance aimed at providing trade validation and quality assurance services. This partnership is designed to improve the security of trade transactions, establish the authenticity of products traded through Global Trade Plaza's B2B platform, and provide high-quality risk management, fraud detection, and quality control for online dealings. The collaboration also enhances the transparency throughout the supply chain with complete visibility and real-time reporting, thereby improving the online trading experience for customers. This partnership benefits exporters and importers by allowing them to request SGS services through Global Trade Plaza at a market-discounted rate. These services include Product Testing, Pre-Shipment Inspection, Factory Auditing, and Supplier Existence Verification. For exporters, these services assure the quality of their products, validate their suppliers, ensure the readiness of their goods for shipment, and confirm the legitimacy of their factory operations, thus enhancing their credibility. For importers, these services help verify the quality of products they're purchasing, inspect goods before shipment, audit factories for compliance, and confirm the existence of suppliers, thereby reducing their risk of engaging in transactions with fraudulent or non-compliant parties.

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