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List of B2B Portals in India- Emerging B2B Portals

  • Date posted : July 01, 2021
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List of B2B Portals in India- Emerging B2B Portals
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An online B2B Portal is a unified platform that connects suppliers, exporters, importers, manufacturers, and buyers. A top B2B portal allows B2B companies to conduct business transactions smoothly and safely. There are numerous rising B2B portals in India with a wide online B2B marketplace. In this blog post, we will be discussing the details of some of the best B2B portals in India including their work approach, methods, and goals. Here is the list of B2B portals in India-

Global Trade Plaza

Global Trade Plaza is one of the best B2B portals in India with a vast online B2B marketplace that has a wide range of products. Not just an online B2B portal, Global Trade Plaza is above and beyond that. It offers extensive services that assist B2B businesses in every step of the process. The B2B services offered by Global Trade Plaza help B2B businesses attract and retain potential customers and have a reasonable price range. 

Global Trade Plaza envisions to develop a platform that would help the exporters and manufacturers with shipping, logistic, and funding details, and understand market trends. They also provide effective lead generation services and digital marketing solutions. Global Trade Plaza is in every term, a rising star in the B2B industry. 

LogiSWOT Solutions

The founding members of LogiSWOT are from the fields of the logistics industry and supply chain management, and they have developed great expertise in both. The goal of this B2B portal of India is to develop an advanced technological internet platform for driving forth a revolutionary change in the world of transportation.

The organization understands that its clients have highly precise delivery requirements. This B2B Portal in India is simple, fast, and structured making it ideal for an improved and hopeful future of the logistic sector. They provide an internet platform through which they connect importers and exporters from all across the globe.


This is an integrated online B2B marketplace for companies to showcase their products and attract new customers. This online B2B portal in India believes in the power of analytics and statistics. Pepagora as a new B2B portal in India offers top-notch digital solutions to its clients. One can check the number of times their website was visited on Pepagora. They also provide effective lead management tools and help you land new deals.


IndiaBizClub is one of the top emerging B2B portals of India. It is an initiative of Dreams Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. They provide cost-efficient and reliable services to their clients for simplifying the business. Their aim is to make precise and appropriate business-specific information available. As a rising B2B portal in India, they promote internet utilization, particularly among new enterprises. IndiaBizClub assists entrepreneurs in growing their companies, discovering suitable partners, sharing knowledge, and developing global business relationships. Their goal involves bringing customers, distributors, manufacturers, and service providers together on a single platform to facilitate commerce through communication.


It is one of the fastest-growing online B2B portals of India. Its objective is to globalize the enterprises under one network, with each zone and region's firms registered or featured on it. They examine and propose B2B websites for foreign businesses. They also provide detailed B2B introductions and information.  The major goal is to provide excellent business solutions so that SoarMart Associates can boost their online performance and conveniently attract online customers. It enables Exporters to sell their products and assists Importers in buying their products.


VTL is one of India’s fastest developing online B2B marketplace. They serve as an internet-centric B2B portal in India for small and midsize enterprises in India. As one of the emerging online B2B portals in India, their aim is to provide a fair opportunity to every company, whether small, medium, or large, to present their diverse and distinct product portfolio to prospective customers across the country, as well as to create stronger and longer-term trade relationships with other firms. They maintain standards of quality while retaining low prices and ensuring timely deliveries.


WorldsIndia provides its clients with approved global market statistics so that they can conduct a realistic analysis of price estimates vs quality and select the one which satisfies their requirements. As one of the growing online B2B portals of India, they also offer built-in SEO on their website, which helps optimize the submitted content and improves the visibility to global buyers and suppliers. They connect their clients with international customers and sellers and provide them with information on the current trends. 

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Abhishek Sharma
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