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Understanding B2B Demand Generation

  • Date posted : August 05, 2021
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Understanding B2B Demand Generation
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What is B2B Demand Generation? 

The process of increasing recognition and demand for your goods or services is known as B2B demand generation. Demand generation broadens the audience, creates momentum, and drives traffic to convert awareness into action. The goal of B2B demand generation is to create a reliable pipeline for your sales team. It contains the original campaigns designed to entice the target audience to join the email list. Aside from that, it directs your audience to interact with your posts, join your events, participate in activities, and so on. B2B demand generation services engage your customers, placing your brand at the forefront. 

In brief, B2B demand generation is a form of marketing that generates interest and demand for a product or service.  That being said, the goal here is to provide a solution to an issue that a company might be experiencing which is not the case in traditional marketing. 

Difference Between Demand Generation and Lead Generation 

As the names suggest, there are many similarities between demand generation and lead generation, but there are few solid differences as well. Demand generation requires the use of gated content and approaches that encourage a potential customer to share information like contact details before the content can be viewed.  Since demand generation is more concerned with ensuring that the right content reaches the right customer, gated content isn't the smartest method. 

B2B Demand generation revolves around the development of interest in a product or service. In lead generation, the interest turns into a lead, this generally includes a person's name, email address, and other contact details.

B2B Demand Generation Strategies 

There are several B2B demand generation tactics, some of them are-

Run Campaigns- Connect with your target audience on the social networks they use, and run social media campaigns that highlight your content and encourage interaction. Track keywords relevant to customers' interest so your business can step in with valuable details if someone wants a solution that you can deliver.

Communicate with the media Keep up with current events and see if your organization can participate in important discussions. The more you can make people aware of the brand, the more reputation and influence you can gain in the process of creating demand.

Blogging- Blogging helps create buzz among the right audience. You want people reading about you or from you to stay in the market. Blog posts consisting of informative, valuable advice that addresses audience critical issues and feeds their needs are a pillar of long-term understanding and affinity building. Blogging is one of the most common B2B demand generation tactics for increasing online exposure, attracting targeted traffic, interacting with customers, and guiding them to download valuable content, sign up for presentations or events, and much more. 

Account-Based Marketing- Account-Based Marketing (ABM) focuses on a specific target group and integrate various marketing platforms, strategies, and activities aimed at that group. But since, here you are trying to drive demand with ABM, you have to be more precise in your strategy, defining the particular industries and businesses you want to approach before you step out.

ABM campaigns can include content marketing, Social media advertising, email marketing, as well as personalised content marketing. Remember, customization is the key in this B2B demand generation strategy. 

Interesting Videos- People will remember what they watched more than what they read. Videos provide a lively, engaging medium for bonding with and encouraging your audience. It's an excellent promotion tool as well as a highly effective B2B demand generation method. Since visual content is remembered at a much greater rate than text-based content, videos are successful in helping your audience understand and remember your information and content.

Benefits of B2B Demand Generation 

B2B demand generation does more than just drive traffic to the site. Excellent and properly planned Demand generation programs make your brand stand out to customers who do not require your product or service yet. The best demand generation campaigns create a buzz right away, attracting active and curious traffic to your website.

Despite the fact that B2B demand generation has a wider emphasis than lead generation, a well-planned demand generation strategy brings a substantial increase in leads. B2B Demand generation, when handled correctly, brings in a steady stream of new potential leads and prospects. A percentage of which may quickly convert into sales qualified leads.


B2B Demand Generation is an essential tool for business development. With the right planning and strategic approach, it can help you reach a wider audience. Experts at Global Trade Plaza will help you understand and implement the right approach to demand generation according to your business requirements. They also offer end-to-end digital and lead generation services to their clients.

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