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Understanding B2B Order Management

  • Date posted : July 09, 2021
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Understanding B2B Order Management
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B2B eCommerce orders are typically more complicated than the normal business-to-consumer eCommerce transaction. They frequently have a greater cost of strategic partnerships, and the average buying cycle is substantially longer, necessitating the use of modern technology.

However, by combining online B2B order management software with industry-standard procedures and a sound strategy, your company may enhance profitability and overcome the common obstacles connected with B2B order management. B2B buyers from the Millennial and Gen Z generations have grown up with technology and the digital world at their disposal. A modernized B2B order management procedure is critical for satisfying this digitally advanced generation of buyers. 

What is B2B Order Management?

B2B order management is the method of tracking purchases made by your customers and administering the associated fulfillment processes. A conventional B2B order management process is as follows:

  1. Your salesperson inputs your customer's order into your accounting system, which could be order management software or spreadsheets.
  2. If you have a B2B eCommerce company, your customer can place their individual order online.
  3. The consumer receives an order confirmation notification. 
  4. The products are either voluntarily or electronically reserved and assigned to orders.
  5. The order is forwarded to the storage to be chosen, packaged, and sent, and a backorder is produced for any items that are out of supply.
  6. The customer receives a dispatch confirmation notification.
  7. The customer receives and accepts the order.
  8. You may also have to track and monitor returns, replacements, and refunds on occasion, as they are all included in the B2B order management process.

Any framework, technique, or software that is used to manage and track orders, stock levels, and shipments is referred to as a B2B order management system.

Signs Your B2B Company Requires An Order Management System

Poor Inventory Management

You will unavoidably lag behind the number of orders you have to complete if you do not have an adequate online order management system in place. Inventory will not be assigned and saved to orders in a timely manner, inventory levels will not be updated throughout your distribution channels, and you'll most certainly oversell the stock you do have. Resolving these concerns is one of the primary factors why companies choose B2B order management software, and all the obstacles are easily resolved once this software is in play.

Your System Confuses the Buyers

 B2B buyers want to readily access information about the status of their orders, have their queries and concerns addressed promptly, and have the assurance that the items they've purchased are ready and will be delivered to them on schedule.

However, if your consumers find it confusing, time-consuming, and complicated to obtain these details, you suffer the consequences of them becoming progressively displeased and willing to do business someplace else. Satisfying your customers will require a robust B2B order management system. 

But, by emphasizing effectiveness and speed in everything you do, you will increase client lifetime satisfaction and quality, attract customer loyalty, and gain momentum with potential customers.

Complicated Sales Channel

Handling orders using a single channel is difficult enough. Furthermore, processing orders across numerous channels, whether eCommerce or online marketplaces, adds a number of new challenges.

There are far more possibilities for delay, human error, and inefficiencies when there are several interfaces – and you might end up losing control of the business. You'll need a consolidated view of purchases, real-time inventory updates throughout all channels, and the power to view which channels are performing much better than others. And this can only be achieved with a proper sales order management system.

How will Order Management Software Help You

Multichannel Management

An efficient B2B order management software enables your company to implement multichannel or omnichannel approaches. This implies you may take orders anywhere your clients are exploring and purchasing while processing them according to your specific structure and standards.

This saves time by eliminating conventional methods, such as establishing and updating orders, and payment processing.

Reduced Complexity

From the moment an order is received, throughout selection, packaging, and delivery, you'll be able to simply track it and report on its current progress. You will be able to accomplish this not only for your own stores but also for facilities belonging to third-party logistics suppliers. A suitable store order management system will help you in centralizing and managing all your orders effortlessly.

Quick and Simple

Directly handling the B2B purchase orders cycle is inefficient and infuriating for both workers and customers.


You will be able to speed up various cumbersome activities such as order assigning, fulfillment, facility routing, transportation updates, and more by implementing a comprehensive order management system.


This sophisticated approach is budget-friendly and customer-centric as your customers will receive their orders timely. 


With the changing times and advancement come several challenges. If you want your B2B business to function seamlessly, it is vital you adapt to the evolving technologies. You are more likely to cut expenses while boosting revenue if you use streamlined techniques and the appropriate order management software to support your B2B operations. 

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