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Global Trade Plaza features various products and services in a range of categories from top suppliers/distributors worldwide, including -



Partnership with Top Suppliers/Buyers - Evolve Your Import & Export Business

Global Trade Plaza is a comprehensive directory that provides valuable international trade data to interested buyers and suppliers. The directory features global import export data online including the United States, Australia, Saudi Arabia, India, and more. 


With a focus on fostering partnerships between top suppliers and businesses, we help companies evolve their import and export strategies and succeed in today's competitive global marketplace with - 


  • Access to a network of top suppliers across various industries
  • Tailored import and export solutions to meet your business needs
  • Streamlined communication and negotiations with suppliers
  • Assistance with sourcing and procurement of products
  • Collaboration with experienced import and export professionals
  • Real-time updates on market trends and trade regulations
  • Comprehensive support throughout the entire import and export process
  • Opportunities to expand your business network and increase profitability
About Global Trade Plaza

Global Trade Plaza is a prominent B2B online platform connecting businesses across the globe. We assist businesses in their growth and evolution within the constantly changing global market. Our commitment to providing exceptional services and solutions that drive success sets us apart.


We provide access to a diverse range of products and services from various corners of the world, with a continuous effort to keep our platform updated with the latest data and offerings that cater to your unique needs.


Besides offering access to premium suppliers and buyers, we also provide consultation services. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering personalized services that enable your growth and success in the global market

Why Choose Global Trade Plaza for us import and export data

Global suppliers and buyers across industries can find partners on this platform. Global Trade Plaza is the best choice for all import export needs because of -


  • Extensive database of top suppliers and import/export data
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation and searching
  • Comprehensive support and guidance throughout the import/export process
  • Streamlined communication and negotiation with suppliers
  • Real-time updates on market trends and trade regulations
  • Opportunities to expand your business network and increase profitability
  • Affordable pricing and flexible payment options
Top Consultation Services for Import & Export Business

Global Trade Plaza is a valuable resource for export/import businesses seeking to expand trade network and succeed in the global marketplace. With our consultation services, you can be assured of a hassle-free and successful import and export business.


  • Import/export strategy development and implementation
  • Supplier sourcing and procurement assistance
  • Trade compliance and regulatory guidance
  • Logistics and shipping support
  • Payment and financing solutions
  • Quality control and product inspection services
  • Market research and analysis
  • Translation and language services
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