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B2B Marketplace Sites- The Future of B2B eCommerce in India

  • Date posted : July 08, 2021
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B2B Marketplace Sites- The Future of B2B eCommerce in India
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The B2B eCommerce is evolving and gaining momentum in every economy. The Indian B2B eCommerce is rapidly booming, owing to the rise of digital payment companies and technological developments. This has resulted in the increase in B2B eCommerce marketplaces in India. B2B eCommerce marketplace is an online marketplace where sellers and buyers in the B2B industry can conduct business transactions. 

The driving factors in the future of B2B eCommerce and B2B marketplace sites are rising smartphone and internet usage, sophisticated payment and delivery options, tempting offers, and B2B eCommerce expansion into overseas markets. To reap the evident advantages of B2B marketplace sites, prominent businesses are enhancing their digital marketing plan. In this article, we will understand the various aspects affecting the future of B2B eCommerce along with the B2B marketplace sites in India. 

Understanding the Figures

New government regulations now favour 100 percent foreign direct investment in B2B eCommerce ventures, this has made the future of B2B eCommerce in India more promising. 

According to recent data, India's eCommerce business is on track to overtake the United States as the world's second-largest sector by 2034. Increased digital prevalence, increased acceptance of online transactions, and changing lifestyles have equipped the Indian e-commerce market with an exceptional opportunity to significantly reform the way companies interact with customers. From the current point of view, the scope and future of B2B eCommerce in India seem to be incredible. 

The expansion of eCommerce in India will also assist the country in becoming a powerful component in the eCommerce field, with an anticipated future growth of slightly under $100 billion by 2024.

The Changing Patterns

Companies will focus on a variety of strategies to respond to their customers as the market and the supply chain continue to digitalize. B2B suppliers, wholesalers, traders, distributors, and manufacturers will increase their use of digital platforms and methods to stay competitive and improve profitability. The expansion of the global digital B2B marketplace will allow B2B companies to present their products and services to a large audience base in a very short span of time. 

Ecommerce platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce will be more in demand as the B2B eCommerce sector evolves. The future of B2B eCommerce in India includes the recognition of several small brands as they will be able to attract customers due to the shift of marketing from conventional methods to digital strategies. Global Trade Plaza is one such example. Global Trade Plaza, a leading B2B portal in India provides startups and small businesses a wide online global marketplace for them to grow their business. Global Trade Plaza also offers a range of digital marketing and advertising services to its clients.

AI and Machine Learning

The future of B2B eCommerce also depends on the development of AI and Machine Learning. Machine Learning models and the use of AI will be prominent in evaluating and understanding buyer behavior. This will assist further segmentation for digital marketing and insights, giving a comprehensive sense of the existing customer base and ways to improve it. It is critical to improve customer engagement and connect with them.

The Different Industries

Electronic Products, Mobile Accessories, Clothing and accessories, Home Décor, and Pharmaceuticals are potential categories to grow in the B2B eCommerce in the future years.  Because expansion in those areas is continuous, sectors such as manufacturing and building supply will experience gradual growth over time. 

The Impact of Covid-19

The advancement and digitalization in B2B started years before the pandemic, however, the Covid-19 outbreak has fast-tracked the process even more. With people demanding every service and procedure digitalized, B2B companies have now taken their businesses entirely online. From meetings and demos and payment and support, B2B buyers want everything on their screens. Thus, the change that was once gradual is now rapid. It is evident that the developing future of B2B eCommerce in India has been greatly affected by the pandemic. And the long-term effects will only come to light in the near future.


According to the data by Goldman Sachs, the Indian eCommerce market is expected to reach $99 billion by 2024. The emerging, untapped market of B2B eCommerce has tremendous earning capacity. The future of B2B eCommerce in India is bright and evolving. However, it will also face numerous challenges. 

ECommerce application and website development will become a lucrative market in India owing to the increasing demand for digitalization in B2B eCommerce. Businesses will have no choice but to take their stores online to reach potential customers.

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