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Wheat export business in India

  • Date posted : May 13, 2022
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Wheat export business in India
Import & Export

Wheat export in India is a fast-growing segment of the domestic grain trade. India is one of the world's largest wheat producers, and its wheat exports reach many different countries around the world. Wheat is grown in the temperate regions of the world, with the largest producers being China, India, the U.S.A, Russia, and France. The wheat Export business in India has been a trendsetter in the year 2015-16. India has been a major player in the wheat market for a long time for two reasons; Wheat has one of the largest production areas in the world and secondly, opening the market for new exporters.


Importance of Wheat production in India

Wheat is the foremost cereal for human consumption. India is the second-largest producer of wheat in the world. India has exported huge quantities of wheat in the past. Wheat is the chief cereal crop and is cultivated in large areas of the Indo-Gangetic plains, with the annual yield of wheat being in the range of 25-30 million tonnes. It is in the same class of cereal crops as maize and rice with which it shares many features. In India, wheat is the most important crop after rice. Wheat is the staple food for the large masses of the population, about 70% of whom depend on it for their dietary needs.


Importance of wheat export business in India

The Indian Wheat export has been providing a huge amount of profits to the Indian Farmers. India is the second-largest producer of Wheat which is exported to different countries of the world. Wheat prices in India are also increasing at a fast pace. India has several wheat-producing regions and is one of the top producers in the world. The wheat export business in India has been growing steadily and is expected to continue growing in the coming years.

Commercial wheat is an extension of the food grains business. The wheat that is grown in India is primarily used for consumption as food as well as for industrial purposes. The major consumer of wheat in India is the food and beverage industry


How can you expand the wheat export business?

Due to the era of globalisation, it is now mandatory to enter the digital world to expand business globally. You need to increase your reach across the globe to increase your sales of wheat.

For building your long-term relationships with the clients whether domestic or international you need to enter into the B2B marketplace. B2B marketplace will allow you to interact with the right buyers and sellers across the world. 


How you can enter into a B2B marketplace for buyers and suppliers?


  • Find the largest B2B portal: There are many B2B directory listing sites in India that are available for B2B business. You need to find the best B2B lead generation company by considering all the factors including your financial budget, B2B portal services, business requirements, and more. You need to decide first which B2B lead generation company suits you best and is ready to fulfill your needs.

  • Build a brand profile: You need to build an effective brand profile that will make your unique identity in the market. You need to use the B2B directory listing sites in India for building an effective brand image that helps to make other businesses in India or outside India about your products and services. You can use these B2B lead generation companies as they provide the service to display product catalogues or business descriptions and details which helps the targeted customers to find you easily

  • Competitive price: You need to use analytics and statistics to understand the current market scenario. When you choose the  B2B directory listing sites in India it will help you to track the competitive price in the market through the market research and competitor research in the B2B marketplace in india. B2B Marketplace will help you to decide on the best competitive price which will make it easy to stand in the market with your product and services.

  • Advertise in the market: After building your brand identity and signing up on the portal, it is important to understand the importance of advertising your products and services in the market. Unless you use the right marketing tactics and strategies, it will be difficult to establish a name in the market. You need to use a B2B lead generation company for advertising. Many B2B directory listing sites provide crucial services like Social Media Marketing and SEO promotion for building your business's unique identity in the market. It will help you to increase your reach. This will drive more leads and increase your sales and profit.

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