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Best location to buy white rice in bulk

  • Date posted : November 03, 2022
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Best location to buy white rice in bulk
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A processed version of rice with the hull and bran removed is referred to as "white rice". White jasmine rice has a stronger aroma than other varieties of
white rice, but it isn't much different nutritionally from other forms of white rice.  White rice can be served with legumes like peas and beans as well as lean meat, fish, and vegetables To create dishes that are well-balanced and nutrient-dense. Additionally, you may eat it in one-pot dishes like pelau and sambar rice, as well as in rice bowls and stuffed bell peppers.

What are the characteristics of White rice?

White rice is rice that has been milled and has had the husk, bran, and germ removed. This improves the rice's flavor, texture, and appearance while extending its shelf life and making it simpler to digest.

Like all entire grains, rice comes from nature with three eatable parts: the bran, germ, and endosperm (the inedible hull is removed).

White rice contains 1.3 g of dietary fiber, 52% 1.088 mg of manganese, 0.66 g of fat, and 11% 1.09 mg of zinc.

White rice is a common cooking kind that is very adaptable due to its neutral flavor, light and fluffy texture, and starchy makeup. Use white rice in your rice pilafs, stir-fries, casseroles, and stuffings for the finest results.


Short- and medium-grain white rice bulked up has higher levels of amylopectin, which makes them wet and sticky when cooked, according to new research. On the other hand, long-grain white rice bulk has more amylose. As a result, when cooked, its texture is soft and separates.

What are the different types of white rice?

Short-grain white
rice in bulkThis variety's grain is bulkier than long-grain white rice but is less than twice as broad, and it cooks up with a sticky texture. The soft and sticky texture of all rice is present in slightly rounder rice after cooking.

Medium-grain white rice in bulk: White rice with medium grains, available in large quantities that is nearly about 5.2mm – 6.5mm. The texture is soft but not as sticky as short-grain rice after cooking.

Long-grain white rice in bulk: This white rice n bulk has a length that is three to four times wider than its breadth. The use of this kind of white rice in large quantities for everyday meals is quite common.

What are the benefits of white rice?

Compared to brown rice, white rice has fewer calories, grams of carbohydrates, fat, and dietary fiber, as well as less phosphorus, but is similar in terms of protein and selenium.

It has more of the B vitamin niacin than brown rice.

After exercise, white rice replenishes glycogen levels and provides energy. When refueling after exercise, athletes frequently choose white rice as their favorite energy source.

The ease with which white rice can be digested is well recognized. It is best for the stomach as it is low in fat and fiber. To increase its nutritional worth, most white rice in the US is fortified with vitamins like folate.

What are the top countries that consume white rice?


China, which has the largest population in the world, also consumed the most rice in 2021–2022, with roughly 154.9 million metric tonnes. India, with a consumption of 103.5 million metric tonnes of rice during the same period, is placed second after China.


While white rice has been the predominant type of rice consumed in Asia today, colored rice, such as brown, red, and black, has a long history on the Asian continent. 

Vietnam has been effective in acquiring rice seeds, producing goods of high quality at more reasonable costs. Delicious long-grain rice brands in Vietnam include ST, Jasmine, and OM5451.


Approximately 75% of people in Japan today consume short-grain white rice varieties, while nearly 20% combine this rice with other whole grains like millet or barley.

Some other countries that are known for consuming white rice in bulk are Bangladesh, Thailand, Burma, Indonesia, and Burma.

Top exporters of white rice in bulk around the world-

Due to its appropriateness for hot, humid regions, where rice may be grown, white rice is extensively cultivated in South and Southeast Asia.

The largest exporter of rice in the world is India. Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan, the US, China, and Burma are some additional notable rice exporters. More than 85% of the entire yearly volume of rice exported worldwide is produced by these 7 nations.

Depending on your requirements or the market you are trying to reach, there are many different kinds of bulk white rice for sale.

IR504 is the best choice if you want to buy white rice in large quantities for the lowest cost. The only nation that produces IR504 is Vietnam.

With about 20 million tonnes of rice exported in 2021, India remained the largest rice exporter in the world and holds more than 25% of the worldwide market share. The two countries that export white rice in considerable quantities are still Thailand and Vietnam.

Global rice exports by nation totaled US$25.7 billion in 2021, an increase of an average of 5.5% for all exporting countries from 2020 when total rice shipments were worth US$24.4 billion.

From a continental standpoint, Asian nations accounted for more than three-quarters (76.4%) of all rice exports in the globe in 2021, with shipments totaling $19.6 billion. Europe contributed 8.6% of the total exports, followed by North America at 7.6% and Latin America (5.3%) including the Caribbean but without Mexico.

What are the factors that need to be considered while buying rice in bulk?

The market for bulk white rice is still expanding. If you are looking to buy wholesale white rice at the greatest price then it requires considering important factors.

Here are a few straightforward factors to take into account when buying and selling white rice bulk to avoid being duped into buying overpriced rice or of poor quality.

Quality: When you are looking to buy rice in bulk then considering the quality should be your topmost priority. You need to consider what kind of rice you need to buy in wholesale amounts. If you want to buy rice wholesale then you need to check all long-grain rice, and non-fragrant white rice in bulk (IR504, OM5451) is less expensive than fragrant rice (ST or Jasmine).

The broken percentage has a similar impact on the pricing. The more broken rice there is, the less expensive it is relative to the industry standard of 5% broken white rice in bulk.

Pricing: You need to check the cost of wholesale bulk rice.The price of rice at wholesale increases with as excellent and well-liked a variety it is, such as ST and Japonica rice. Sushi is made specifically with Japonica rice due to its exceptional stickiness and flexibility.

Productivity: Some varieties of rice have more stringent requirements, necessitating more meticulous planting and harvesting to produce the best rice. Bulk prices for this kind of white rice are usually higher.

Laws: Aside from the general criteria, each import market has different specifications for white rice in bulk, including those for chemical, pesticide, and impurity residues as well as handling and preservation.

All exporting and importing nations' national security is correlated with the caliber of rice products. Exporters of white rice in bulk, therefore, need to update import and export laws and regulations regularly to alter prices. The ST, Jasmine, and OM5451 varieties of white rice, which have been free from tax incentives by Europe, are available in bulk in Vietnam.

How to select the right supplier when you are looking to buy white rice?

If you are looking for bulk rice suppliers then you need to remember important things before choosing them to buy wholesale bulk rice.

Clear Information- To earn the trust of their consumers, trustworthy suppliers of white rice in bulk have offices and factories that are marked. The simplest way to spot trustworthy sellers of white rice in bulk is to look for websites that are frequently updated. You can get all the information about the background, trusted source, quantity, and cheapest bulk grains.

Legal compliance and certificate- The greatest way for trustworthy suppliers of white rice in bulk to capture consumers' trust and strengthen their position in the white rice in the bulk market is by showcasing their license and resume. A business registration license, an export license, the ISO 22000:2005 certification for food safety, and the HACCP certification for controlling risks in food production and processing are some of the documentation typically needed for rice export.

A few licenses were required for export. Additionally, each nation will demand particular certifications. For instance, Halal certification is only given to markets in Muslim nations to ensure that the white rice in bulk raw materials does not contain any components that are prohibited by Islamic law.

Who are the top suppliers of wholesale bulk rice?

Here we discuss the top suppliers of rice that are known to be the most trusted and effective sources if one is looking to buy bulk rice bags. We will discuss a few suppliers that can meet your all expectations regarding bulk short-grain rice, bulk long-grain rice, and more.

K-Agriculture Factory. One of the best sources of white rice in large quantities in Vietnam is K-Agriculture Factory. About 3 million tonnes of rice are produced at the plant each year and exported to 80 different countries. White rice types including ST, Jasmine rice, Japonica, OM5451, IR504, and others are available in bulk from K-Agriculture in particular. You can buy long-grain white rice bulk that gives a great aroma and delicious taste. K-Agriculture Factory offers white rice in bulk buyers at cheap prices, excellent customer service, and simple payment options.

Hak Yong Co- In Singapore, both locally and internationally, Hak Yong Co. has a long history of providing white rice in quantity.

Brown Rice, Mixed Brown Rice, Jasmine Rice, Red Rice, and Thai Hom Mali Fragrant Rice are the five varieties of white rice that Hak Yong Co. offers in bulk. 

Wonnapob Company- Wonnapob Company is a prominent wholesaler of white rice that was established in 1895. They sell a variety of Thai rice, including Jasmine, glutinous rice, brown rice, white rice in bulk, and a unique blend of rice. Wonnapob can supply rice products of high quality and ensure even huge orders because of its extensive family history and cutting-edge automatic rice processing machinery.

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