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DeBakey forceps

  • Minimum quantity10 Pieces
  • Port of dispatchPakistan
  • TypeSuppliers | Trader
  • Processing time1 Week
  • Estimate pricing$ 10
  • PackagingCustomised

Products Description

A two-bladed tool with a hinge or spring that is used to hold and move tissues. Medical forceps are surgical devices with a gripping design that are used during operations and other medical procedures. Forceps are effectively utilized for many purposes such as tweezing, clamping, and exerting pressure. They can be utilized as extractors or pincers. They are used to provide first aid in operating rooms, exam rooms, and emergency rooms. To grab, retract, or stabilize tissue is their main goal. They can also be utilized to pass ligatures, pack or remove sponges, and pack or manipulate needles while suturing. The presence and kind of teeth that are created for the particular tissue they are intended to hold are used to classify different types of forceps.

Products Specification

  • MaterialStainless steel
  • Surface FinishSatin or Mirror
  • Handle StyleStraight or Curved
  • Tip StyleSharp or Blunt
  • Length140mm to 165mm
  • Width0.5mm to 1mm
  • Thinness0.15mm to 0.25mm
  • Locking MechanismRatchet or Screw