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Polymeric Boron Liquid Boron Clear Liquid Fertilizer Raw Solution

Polymeric Boron/Liquid Boron clear liquid fertilizer raw solution

  • Minimum quantity1 Metric Ton
  • Port of dispatchChina
  • TypeManufacturer
  • Processing time7 Day
  • Estimate pricing$ 2000
  • PackagingCustomised

Products Description

1. Use chelation technology and use high-quality chelating additives to form stable chelates. ① The product has good solubility and chemical reactivity, and can be compounded with most fertilizers and pesticides, making the product more flexible, convenient, and efficient to use; ② The product properties are more stable and will not crystallize, precipitate, or precipitate for 3-5 years at room temperature; ③ Organic chelated fertilizer can inhibit the fixation of phosphorus in the soil, dissolve potassium-containing minerals, increase the content of available phosphorus and potassium in the soil, reduce nutrient loss, stimulate the growth of crop root systems, and accelerate the absorption of nutrients. It is a very good soil conditioner. 2. Promote flowers, preserve fruits, and increase fruit setting rate; high boron content and strong mobility promote crop growth; accelerate the movement and conversion of fruit sugar and improve fruit quality; 3. Suitable for various field crops, vegetables, fruit trees, medicinal materials, etc. 4. Effectively improve crop quality and increase crop yield.

Products Specification

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