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All Types Of Industrial Paints Amp Coatings

All Types Of Industrial Paints & Coatings

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Products Description

Industrial Finishes & Epoxy Ps1201- Penetrating Sealer (Sb) Ps1201- Texotile Epoxy Primer Ps1301- Red Oxide Primer Ps1311- Synthetic Primer Ps1351- Synthetic Wood Primer Ps1401- Zinc Phosphate Primer Ps1471- Quick Drying Primer (Matt) Ps1501- Epoxy Primer Clear Ps1551- Epoxy Primer Ps1552- Epoxy Red Oxide Primer Ps1554- Epoxy Zinc Chromate Primer Ps1601- Etch Primer Ps1701- Epoxy Zinc Rich Primer Ps2011- Epoxy Putty Ps2401- Texoile Epoxy Compound Ps2501- Synthetic Undercoat Ps3001- Synthetic Alkyd Topcoat Enamel (Standard) Ps3005- Synthetic Alkyd Topcoat Enamel (Standard) Ps3105- Thermoplastic Topcoat (White) Ps3106- Chlorinated Rubber Topcoat PS3151- THERMOPLASTIC TOPCOAT (CLEAR) PS3201- QUICK DRYING ENAMEL PS3251- SYNTHETIC TOPCOAT CLEAR PS3261- SYNTHETIC ALKYD TOPCOAT ENAMEL (SEMI GLOSSY) PS3271- PARQUET VARNISH PS3351- SYNTHETIC ALKYD TOPCOAT ENAMEL (MATT) PS3401- ALUMINUM PAINT PS3402- ALUMINUM PAINT HEAT RESISTANCE PS3501- STOVING TOPCOAT PS3601- EPOXY FLOOR COATING PS3651- EPOXY TOPCOAT CLEAR PS3751- ACRYLIC ROAD MARKING PAINT PS3751- THERMOPLASTIC TOPCOAT PS3851- ACRYLIC 2K TOPCOAT (HB) BASECOAT METALLIC (1K) -XXXXX BASECOAT METALLIC (2K)- XXXXX ACRYLIC 2K PRIMER- XXXXX CR ROAD MARKING PAINT- XXXXX DIPPING ENAMEL- XXXXX PU BASECOAT CLEAR-XXXXX PU BASECOAT PIGMENTED- XXXXX PU TOPCOAT CLEAR- XXXXX PU TOPCOAT CLEAR (ACRYLIC)- XXXXX PU TOPCOAT PIGMENTED- XXXXX QUICK DRYING PRIMER (SG) - XXXXX PS1302 - Synthetic Red Oxide Primer Commercial THINNERS ZINC SILICATE PRIMER- XXXXX PS1302 - Synthetic Red Oxide Primer Commercial

Products Specification

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