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Types of Agricultural Equipment: Top Manufacturers & Suppliers in India

  • Date posted : February 02, 2022
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Types of Agricultural Equipment: Top Manufacturers & Suppliers in India
Agriculture updated

The word agricultural equipment refers to the motorized equipment utilised in agricultural and other farming practices. Manual equipment and devices, large machinery, motor vehicles such as tractors and a variety of other farm machinery, are all examples of agricultural equipment. Farms, both natural and artificial, use a combination of agriculture machinery and equipment.  With the introduction of farming technology, tools and machinery have become an indispensable aspect of agriculture.


If you work in the agricultural sector, you understand how important it is to keep up with current agricultural and cultivation techniques and tools. We've included all of the relevant information, as well as a list of top agricultural equipment manufacturers and suppliers in India. In this article, we have also mentioned the best B2B Portal in India from where you can buy all the latest equipment.


Types of Agriculture Machinery and Equipment



A planter is an agricultural tool that is normally carried behind a tractor and sows seeds in patterns all over a field. It is connected to the vehicle through a drawbar or 3-point connector. Seeds are planted in rows in a specified order by planters. Large seeds are handled by planters, whereas tiny seeds are handled by seed drills and seeders.


The two main types of planters available in the industry are manually operated and hydraulic/electrically powered planters. A small hanging tire is directed by another tire that is in touch with the base tire in a mechanically driven system. A water-powered- powered system was created to overcome the inadequacies of the ground-driven method. The hydraulic-driven method allows the driver to make changes to the density while on the move, while the electronic controller follows an already set amount for a particular field.

Some of the Top Planters and Seed Drills- 


Sonalika Roto Seed Drill

Kmw Kirloskar Mega T 15

FieldkingMulticrop Row Planter

John Deere Multicrop Mechanical Planter

LandforceMulticrop Raised Bed Planter

Swaraj Planter

Shaktiman Mechanical Seed Drill



A combine is multi-purpose agriculture machinery and equipment that can rapidly and economically harvest a variety of crops. It gets its name by the concept that it combines four different harvesting procedures into one: reaping, threshing, collecting and winnowing. A combine harvests oats, wheat, maize, rice, barley, soybeans, linseed and poppies, among other crops. Detachable heads for certain crops are included with combines. The typical head, commonly referred to as a grain platform, is equipped with a rotating blade cutter bar and a spinning reel with steel edges that forces the cut crop to fall into the auger once it is chopped.

Some of the Best Combines available in India are- 

New Holland TC5. 30 Harvester

Mahindra Arjun 605


Kartar 4000 Harvester

Ks Group Ks 9300 

Kubota Harvesking DC-68G-HK Harvester

Preet 987

Dasmesh 9100


A sprayer is an agricultural tool that is used to irrigate crops with water, pesticides, weedkillers, and agrochemicals. Manual sprayers (bag with sprayers), sprayers that are attached to a tractor, and motorised sprayers are all readily accessible. Agricultural sprayers are designed for a variety of implementations, including spot uses, flowerbeds, ranches, crop cultivation, gardens, vegetation, vineyards, farmlands, weed control, pastures, and livestock grazing.

General sprayer varieties include Boomless sprayer nozzle, Three-point hitch sprayer, Truck-bed sprayer, Boom sprayer, UTV sprayer, Mist sprayer, Spot sprayer, Towing-hitch sprayer, Backpack sprayer, and ATV sprayer.

Some of the Best Sprayers available in India are- 

Fujiaka Power Sprayer

Kisankraft Power Sprayer

Usha International Knapsack Sprayer Pump

Prithvi Portable Power Sprayer

Fortune Power Sprayer

Field star Boston Power sprayer

BKR Honda Four Stroke Power Sprayer

Farmboy Portable Sprayer

Neptune Simplify Portable Power Sprayer



A threshing machine, sometimes called a thresher, is agriculture machinery and equipment that separates grain seeds from shafts and hulls. It does so by stomping on the plant and forcing the seeds or kernels to break out. Threshing was done manually with swings before these equipment were invented. manual threshing was exceptionally hard and time-taking, accounting for around one-quarter of agriculture activities by the eighteenth century. Agricultural labour was relieved of a significant measure of tedious work when this procedure was mechanised.


Basic Types of Thresher-

Beater Thresher also called Drummies or Drummy

Corrugated Fly Wheel with Chopping Knife 

Spike-Tooth Cylinder Thresher


Different Varieties of Thresher-

Rasp bar Type, Wire Loop Type, Hammer Mill Type, Axial Flow Type, Syndicator Type, Crop Specific Thresher such as Multicrop thresher, Maize Thresher, Wheat Thresher, Paddy Thresher, and more.


Some of the Top Threshers available in India are- 

Landforce multi-crop thresher 

Dasmesh 641 Paddy thresher 

Dasmesh 423-Maize Thresher

Mahindra M55 thresher

Landforce paddy thresher 

Landforce Maize thresher


Rotary Tiller

A rotary tiller is a motorised cultivator that is also called a rototiller, rotavator, or rotary plough. It grinds the soil with spinning ends or edges and can be self-propelled or attached to a tractor as an extension. A rotary tiller is a piece of equipment that digs into the field and turns it into fertile soil suitable for seeding with the help of bent ends connected to a spinning axis. Rotary tillers are used for all types of soil preparation and breaking up clumps.  These could also be used to nurture the crop as it is developing.

Some of the Best Rotary Tiller are- 

Shaktiman Rotary Tiller 

Maschio Gaspardo H 205

John Deere Green System Rotary Tiller 

New Holland RE 165

Mahindra ZLX Gyrovator

Fieldking regular multi-speed rotavator

Dasmesh 642 rotavator

Sonalika Multi-Speed rotary tiller 



A cultivator is a type of agricultural machinery that is designed to do secondary tillage. By definition, the word refers to rods with teeth that penetrate the ground as they are pushed vertically through it. Cultivators mix and crush the soil before sowing to oxygenate and smoothen the soil or after the plant has started sprouting to kill weeds (controlled disruption of the soil surface near to the food crops, kills weeds by upending them). Cultivators are often self-propelled or dragged behind a tractor as an attachment.


Basic Types of Cultivator-

Trailed Type 

Mounted Type

Spring-loaded Tine 

Rigid Tines 

Duck Foot

Some of the Best Cultivators are-

Swaraj Spring Loaded Cultivator

 Sonalika 9 TYNE Cultivator

Fieldking Heavy Duty Rigid Cultivator

Universal Bharat Spring Loaded Cultivator

Mahindra Cultivator

John Deere Duckfoot Cultivator


Now that we have covered major agriculture machinery and equipment, let’s take a look at the B2B Portal in India which has all the top agricultural equipment manufacturers and suppliers- Global Trade Plaza


Global Trade Plaza is the fastest-growing B2B Portal in India with lakhs of agricultural suppliers and manufacturers from across the globe. Global Trade Plaza has the trust of numerous buyers and importers in the sector. 

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