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Pressure Screen For Paper Machine

  • Minimum quantity1 Pieces
  • Port of dispatchChina
  • TypeManufacturer | Trader
  • Processing time30 Day
  • Estimate pricing$ 100000
  • Packagingbottle

Products Description

Paper Mill Outflow Pressure Screen/Coarse Screen/Fine Pressure Screen Used for fine screening waste pulp and all kinds of coarse and fine pulp. 1. The rotor is rotated outside of the sieve drum, and the heavy impurities flow away from the sieve drum to avoid clogging the screen cut and prolong greatly the service life of sieve drum. 2. It has low pulse, high screening efficiency and reliable operation. Features: This equipment can be fitted with energy-saving rotors: coarse screening. Rotor, fine screening rotor and headbox screening rotor. Corresponding shell body and screen cylinder can match each Different rotor, thereby achieving screening different pulp kinds with High screening efficiency and low power consumption.

Products Specification