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Polyester Press Filter Belt, dewatering belt

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  • Port of dispatchChina
  • TypeManufacturer
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  • Estimate pricing$ 100
  • PackagingCustomised

Products Description

Specification Sludge Dewatering Fabric for Belt Press Filter Machine  Colour: white and blue Models: HT16903,HT31505, HT26508, HT22903, HT27708, HT15905, HT12904, HT121104, etc Description: Polyester Press Filter Belt,it is also named sludge dewatering fabric,polyester mesh belt. Polyester Press Filter Belt,its heat resistance is 180C. Because of its special design structure, the sludge can be peeled off easily after pigeonhole filter, so the screen are easily cleaned and have a long working time. Therefore they are designed specially for sludge dehydration.  Suitable for belt filter press machine,rubber belt vacuum filter,horizontal vacuum belt filter,etc.  Features Good air permeability,good stability,non-revealed sludge, acid-resisting, alkali-resisting Application 1.Municipal sludge treatment 2.Wastewater treatment of various industries ,textile,printing and dyeing plants,chemical,pharmaceutical 3.Sewage treatment of pulp and paper mills,steel plant,power plant 4.Concentrated juice pressing, etc.

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