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Oat Flour

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Products Description

OAT FLOUR Our flour is sourced from selective whole grain ground beneath stone, sifted with a different granulation spectrum and as such ideal for everyday household use. No integral flour contains fatty acids (oleic and linoleic), which are arranged in an ideal ratio as integral oat flour. It is important to emphasize that it contains small amounts of gluten. It is the leader in the number of essential amino acids as the most powerful source of energy for every organism and these fatty acids are responsible for the exchange of fat in the body, protection against overweight and diseases associated with this problem. Thiamine, calcium and zinc are the most important micronutrients. Oat fluor strengthens bones and teeth, stimulates brain function and growth in children, strengthens muscle mass in adults, reduces cholesterol, improves and slows digestion. is recommended for people with bronchial disorders and athletes, improves and slows digestion. It is especially recommended for people with bronchial disorders and sports. Oatmeal products retain freshness longer than the same wheat flour products. Since oat flour does not have the same ability to raise dough as wheat, it is necessary to increase the amount of yeast when using this flour. Proteins 13 g Carbohydrates 65 g Fat 7 g Dietary fibers 7,5 g Minerals P, K, Ca, Mg, Fe, Na Vitamins E, B complex Energy 401 kcal / 1677 kJ

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