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Liquefied Natural Gas

Liquefied natural gas

  • Minimum quantity100 Metric Ton
  • Port of dispatchItaly
  • TypeSuppliers | Trader
  • Processing time1 Week
  • Estimate pricingNot-available
  • PackagingCustomised

Products Description

Introducing our dependable and excellent LNG. The cleaner product LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) emits fewer greenhouse gasses and air pollutants. When compared to conventional fuels, its lack of odor and non-toxicity make it the best fuel for cars and other machines. These are produced by cooling natural gas until it turns into a liquid, which is also useful for storage and transportation. We transport it using tanker trucks or ships with specialized equipment, which are afterwards re-gasified and put to use as gasoline when they reach. For more details on compositions and other order parameters, consult the product specifications. For bulk delivery, we deliver these sealed in containers. For more information, contact us.

Products Specification

  • Chemical FormulaCH₄ (Methane)
  • Density at Standard Conditions0.415 kg/m³ (25.8 lb/ft³)
  • Density as Liquid at -162°C431 kg/m³ (26.9 lb/ft³)
  • Heat of Vaporization50.1 kJ/mol
  • Energy Content (Lower Heating Value)Approximately 55 MJ/kg
  • Flash PointApproximately -196°C (-321°F)
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