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India's Rice Exports In 2022: Will They Rise Or Decline?

  • Date posted : January 31, 2022
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India's Rice Exports In 2022: Will They Rise Or Decline?

Relationship between India and Rice

Everyone loves rice! No wonder that rice is one of the major crops that is traded around the world on a regular basis. When talking about imports and exports of rice, India is a must-mentioned name. From long and slender to short and thick, India exports varieties of basmati and non-basmati rice. 


Who Imports Rice from India?

Top importing countries of basmati rice include Saudi Arabia and Iran. And that of non-basmati rice include Benin and Bangladesh. Bangladesh recently imported 1.25 million tonnes of Indian rice. West Asian, Far East, and African regions are valuable importers. Cape Verde, Nigeria, and Ghana are traditional Indian rice buyers.


Indian exports taking a hit due to Pandemic?

With no surprise, India is the biggest rice exporter globally. Rice exports from India are severely hampered in 2021-22. High freight charges and lack of container availability have slowed down the exports. It has allowed competitors to grow their foreign sales at higher prices. These rivalries include Thailand, Myanmar, and Vietnam largely. The pandemic resulted in their jaw-dropping prices. Rice which India offers at $360, Thailand exported at $380-90. In 2020, the price of export was  $100 per tonne higher than the current rates. Freight train shortages have caused shipments of more than 500,000 tonnes of rice to be delayed. Vietnam majorly imported from India till 2020. However, it has not purchased rice from India since May. The reason discovered is discounts for cargo release.


Despite the fact that the pandemic demand has fallen, rice exports have increased. Between April and October, it increased by an impressive 10.5 percent. In addition, rice exports are likely to set a new record this year. Though the pandemic demand has fallen, rice exports have increased.Several countries have begun storing food in preparation for a lockdown. 

Demand for Indian rice increased as a result of scarcity and export limitations in some of the exporting countries. In addition, Indian rice is gaining popularity in the global market. It is largely due to its lower cost and higher quality. China purchased one million tonnes of wheat last year. Also, Bangladesh bought over two million tonnes of rice from India. Hopefully, the orders will be repeated in large quantities this year. Import requests from Latin America have also been received this year. Because rice is so important, no government has placed limitations on its import. In the last two years India has performed well, despite pandemic.

North and west African countries are also buying from India. Benin has been leading the way.


Wholesale rice suppliers in India

You can step on various hurdles while making purchases. Overpricing and substandard quality are the most common ones. However, these can be avoided if you are aware. Right knowledge is required before purchasing any type of rice. If you're seeking for a reliable Indian rice supplier look at the list below. They will surely provide you with high-quality rice. These rice suppliers can assist you in finding the best rice prices on the market.


1. ITC- ITC is one of India's largest integrated agribusiness companies, with a substantial presence at every stage of the agricultural value chain.


2. GAUTAM GENERAL TRADING- Gautam General Trading is a company that deals in general merchandise. 76 years of rice trade experience, serving 1000+ customers in 50+ countries with 300+ staff. The Gautam Group has a large selection of Basmati and Non-Basmati rice.


3. KLA FOODS INDIA LIMITED- KLA began early in the rice export business and has since expanded into a variety of industries, from sourcing to packing and delivery. The whole manufacturing process at KLA is focused on ensuring quality and ultimate client satisfaction.


4. AASHIRVAD INTERNATIONAL- Aashirvad International, a rice exporting firm with a world-class rice processing factory, has achieved countless milestones on its way to become a worldwide food behemoth, and is now attempting to achieve even higher heights by spreading the Special Authentic Taste of India.


5. SHRIRAM FOOD INDUSTRY PVT. LTD.- Shriram, a well-known rice manufacturer and exporter, is well-known in the market for the high quality, variety, good packaging, and cost-effective pricing of Parboiled Rice and other rice kinds.


6. SRIDHAR AGRO PRODUCT P. LTD- Sridhar Agro Product P Ltd is a company based in Sridhar, India. Sridhar Agro has a team of experts who specialise in food grains and cereals, with a particular emphasis on non-basmati rice.


7. SAFE AGRITRADE PVT LTD.- Safechem Industries has a subsidiary company, a processing cum trading firm, that provides procurement solutions to foreign rice customers.


8. PAYTM WHOLESALE COMMERCE PVT. LTD- Paytm Wholesale Commerce Pvt. Ltd is the largest mobile e-commerce and banking platform in India. Their sibling company, Fast Forward Exports, specialises in wholesale exporting of Indian items such as basmati rice, non-basmati rice, and other agricultural products.


9. HARI SHELLAC INDUSTRIES- Hari Shellac sells white and parboiled rice to a big domestic and international market. Their rice mill is one of India's oldest, dating back to 1964, and has been improved throughout time to meet the needs of the modern industry.


10. SRI SAINATH INDUSTRY PVT. LTD. : The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has awarded us three stars as an export house, and we are an ICRI ISO 900I:2008 accredited company. A well-known producer and exporter of non-basmati rice from India.

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