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Wood Pellet Chile

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Fast details of green high quality wood pellet fuel Name: green high quality wood pellet fuel Application: heating system Application of wood pellets 1. Home heating stoves 2. Hot water boilers and the industrial boilers 3. Biomass power plants Advantage of wood pellet 1. High energy content, and the technology is highly efficient compared to other fuels 2. A clean-burning renewable fuel source 3. Produced from such waste materials as forestry residues and sawdust 4. Price stable compared to fossil fuels 5. Ensure fresh environment in accordance with Europe Standard because of minimum CarbonDioxide 6. Ash after burn Wood pellets can be used as fertilizer not harmful to environment Renewable. Wood pellets have a decided advantage over fossil fuels: They are produced from renewable materials such as wood shavings and saw dust. ... Sustainable. Investment in a new heating system is expensive and therefore should be profitable in the long run. Cost-effective Comfortable Eco-friendly Domestic Economy. Wood pellets have emerged as a very successful renewable fuel source for energy production, due mainly to their many beneficial characteristics, including high density and calorific value, low moisture content, and relative convenience of transportation and storage.

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