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1) BLACK TIGER SHRIMP HEADLESS SHELL ON(HLSO) Size(pcs/lb): 8/12 12/16 16/20 20/25 26/30 31/40 2) COOKED,PEELED,DEVEINED AND TAIL ON(CPTO) Size(pcs/lb): 16/20 20/25 26/30 31/40 41/50 51/70 Frozen : IQF OR BLOCK Dried and Frozen Vannamei Prawn/ Shrimp, Black Tiger Shrimps, Frozen King Prawns Product name IQF HLSO Vannamei Shrimp(Penaeus Vannamei) Key word shrimp/ frozen shrimp/vannamei shrimp Specification HOSO, HLSO,PND,PD,PTO,PDTO,Butterfly Penaeus Vannamei Size A. 16/20, 21/25,26/30, 31/35,36/40,41/50,51/60,61/80 (HOSO) B.41/50 , 51/60 , 61/70, 71/90,91/110, 110/130 pcs/lb ( Other) we supply live and frozen mud crabs , red king crabs , soft shell crabs , blue crab and blue swimming crab. maine lobster : american lobster (homarus americanus) european lobster (homarus gammarus) spiny lobster : caribbean spiny lobster (panulirus argus) australian spiny lobster (panulirus cygnus) ornate rock lobster (panulirus ornatus) royal spiny lobster (panulirus regius) bamboo lobster (panulirus versicolor) scalloped spiny lobster (panulirus homarus) california spiny lobster (panulirus interruptus) (panulirus palinuridae) smoothtail spiny lobster (panulirus laevicauda) chinese spiny lobster (panulirus stimpsoni) pronghorn spiny lobster (panulirus penicillatus) spiny lobster (panulirus polyphagus) brown spiny lobster (panulirus echinatus) stripe-leg spiny lobster (panulirus femoristriga) green spiny lobster (panulirus gracilis) spotted spiny lobster (panulirus guttatus) blue spiny lobster (panulirus inflatus) japanese spiny lobster (panulirus japonicas) banded spiny lobster (panulirus marginatus) easter island spiny lobster (panulirus pascuensis) longlegged spiny lobster (panulirus longipes) crayfish : yabby crayfish (cherax destructor) red claw crayfish (cherax quadricarinatus) marron crayfish (cherax tenuimanu) signal crayfish (pacifastacus leniusculus) danube crayfish (astacus leptodactylus) noble crayfish (astacus astacus) "mortality: less than 5% "process: live/ whole round "packing: net : 20.0kg/box gross : 30.0kg/box (styrofoam box) "temp: 2.0-3.0 deg. "season: all year round "shipment: prompt sizes available : 100-200 , 200-300 , 300/500, 500/700, 700/1000, 1000/1500 ... we can also supply you following below products. crustaceans : langouste , crabs , bugs ...

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