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  • Minimum quantity50 Pieces
  • Port of dispatchIndonesia
  • TypeManufacturer
  • Processing time10 Day
  • Estimate pricing$ 14.7
  • Packagingcarton

Products Description

Cleaning with flat mops is fantastic, especially daily. They take little effort to set up and are simple to utilize. Flat mops are excellent at cleaning corners. Additionally, they are simple to store and reasonably priced to acquire or repair. The flat mop is best for general cleaning and reaching confined spaces, such as corners. They are sturdy and do not lint. Flat mops raise the standard of cleanliness in your facility by eliminating the requirement for a single or double mop bucket. The mop's surface is a flat rectangle that is covered in a microfibre cloth or similar material. This cloth can be changed or cleaned and reused.

Products Specification