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Fish Oil For Leather

Fish Oil For Leather

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Products Description

POPSYNTHOIL LF-10 Odourless fish oil based chrome stable fat liquor. Appearance : Slightly viscous light brown emulsion. Chemical Type : Sulphited high quality fish oil. Active Matter : 80% (+ 2) pH of 10% solution : 7.5 + (0.5) Ionic charge : Anionic in nature. Stability : Stable to acid, alkali, salt and mineral tanning agents. PROPERTIES : Popsynthoil LF10 is all-purpose anionic fat liquor for high degree of softness suitable for chrome and Semi Chrome as well as for vegetable tanned leathers. It is easily emulsifiable in water at normal temperature. Leather treated with Popsynthoil LF10 not only possesses softness and suppleness, but also, good tensile strength and water resistance. It imparts instant softness without high fat addition to the leather when it is partly incorporated in neutralization. We recommend 0.5-2.0% Popsynthoil LF10 in neutralization, depending upon the degree of softness required. Popsynthoil LF10 can also be used in rechroming prior to the addition of chrome powder to get extra softness and better chrome exhaustion. It has inherent properties to open leather fibres and to produce fluffy, soft and round leather. Popsynthoil LF10 has no effect on aniline dyes. It is satisfactorily fast to light and does not impart any yellowing to leather under normal conditions. APPLICATIONS : Due to its excellent versatile properties, it can be used on a wide variety of leathers e.g. lining, upper, softies, upholstery, nappa, glove, clothing, etc. To avail its maximum efficacy to achieve desired softness, we recommend Popsynthoil LF10 to be used stage wise i.e. in re-chroming, neutralization as well as in main fat liquoring. STORAGE : Storage should be away from extreme conditions wherever possible. Under extreme climatic conditions this product may separate slightly. So it should always be well stirred immediately prior to use.

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