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Akadama Bonsai Soil

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Products Description

hard akadama is suitable for planting succulents. If only red jade soil is used, it is suitable for planting succulents that have grown for several years and have a relatively developed root system. It is best to mix them with cinder, coconut shell, and small particles. If the hard red jade soil can be used for paving, it can be washed by watering Akadama is made up of volcanic ash and is the most widely used soil medium. This is also the most widely used cultivation medium in Japan; it is high-permeability volcanic mud with dark red round particles; it has no harmful bacteria and has a slightly acid pH. Its shape is conducive to water storage and drainage. Generally, the percentage of mixing with other substances is 30-35%, which is higher than peat and has an effect comparable to peat. Akadama is suitable for potted plants of all kinds of plants. Akadama is especially effective for the cultivation of succulent plants such as cacti and Chinese orchids; fine grains are the best choice for lawn planting and gardening plant seedlings, and are generally used in combination with other media such as mulch soil and deer marsh soil.

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