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India achieved the target of 50 USD billion in export in the agriculture sector

  • Date posted : April 26, 2022

India achieved the target of 50 USD billion in the export of agriculture products and declare remarkable growth. THE Department of Commerce said that there were many measures followed by the government to achieve the target and many improvements were made.

"We Want to turn India into the food basket of the world", said the commerce ministry.


The department of commerce revealed that India achieved the highest mark of 43 USD billion in 2013-14 and after that, there was a decline in exports of around 10 USD billion in 2016-17 forcing the government to check what are the problems in agriculture sectors was facing and came across the four reasons for the decrease in agriculture product exports.


Firstly, there was a disbalance in the production and exports of agricultural products. Secondly, the state government was not fulfilling its responsibilities properly and was taking the exports as the domain of the central government only.

Then, The state government and farmers are not well cooperative with the export-oriented production.

There was a lack of infrastructure facilities related to agriculture.


The department of commerce addressed the following issues and tried to communicate with village farmers, district-level farmers, and the states.


The officials said that they created awareness among the people to use the surplus production for the exports as the agriculture sector needs to be supported because it is one of the most important sectors that provided livelihood to a large population. 


The government tried to eliminate the problems by untangling the tied knots like in a meeting with buyers and sellers, government helped them by solving their problems, making contractual adjustments with ports, helped the states by meeting their infrastructure demands and logistics constraints requirements.


The government decided to remove all the barriers and a few steps were taken to solve the issues such as identifying new markets,  analysis of requirements, and tariff structure of new markets. The government also made efforts to increase its mark in the existing marketplaces. 

With constant efforts, India achieved the target of 50 USD billion in 2021-22.


In 2021-22, India exported around USD 10 billion in rice, with a 50 percent share in the world's rice exports; the highest ever export of marine products (USD 8 billion), sugar (USD 4.5 billion), wheat (USD 2 billion) and coffee (USD 1 billion); USD 4 billion meat, dairy and poultry products exports, USD 4 billion spices exports and USD 3 billion cotton exports.


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