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  • Date posted : January 05, 2022
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With the evolution of B2B e-commerce in India, creating a high-quality, user-friendly platform has never been easier. You can have a multilingual website with a sophisticated search engine, full product descriptions, interactive assistance, how-to videos, and various payment choices. It will save your company both time and money while also increasing sales.


B2B marketplaces are for businesses that wish to provide a modern purchasing process that is mobile, transparent, cost-effective, intelligent, and simple to use for both buyers and suppliers. 


What is a business-to-business marketplace?

The B2B marketplace is one of the various digital B2B sales channels available to your company. This type of e-commerce platform connects vendors with B2B buyers. Wholesalers, manufacturers, suppliers, and brands are examples of vendors who offer finished and semi-finished products, parts, raw materials, and services in large quantities to other organisations. As a result, the B2B marketplace's selling characteristics differ from those of others.


How to revolutionize B2B marketplaces in India?

B2B Trade Portals were already growing faster than most B2C marketplaces that preceded them. The pandemic led numerous B2B marketplace entrepreneurs to create new customers on their platforms. If B2B marketplaces are to encourage businesses to make a long-term shift to e-commerce, they can't merely stay stagnant and operate as simple transactional platforms. Those that innovate today to add complementary services will be the winners in the coming years, with some destined to become billion-dollar businesses. 


Today, we'll look at a few potential ideas for making B2B marketplaces succeed. Founders who can put these lessons into work will have the power to transform B2B markets.





Your target market is the core of all B2B lead generation tactics, regardless of the activities you use. If you get it wrong, no matter how much money you spend, how good your content is, or how hard you try, the results will not fill your sales funnel and will leave you frustrated.


The ability to access a broad, engaged audience is the key benefit of B2B marketplaces for buyers and sellers. B2B trade portals have staff committed to staying on top of trends and search techniques, as well as renewing and optimising pages regularly. When this is combined with the addition or removal of products by a range of brands, SEO improves, resulting in higher inbound traffic.





On your B2B site, giving people exactly what they want is the key to converting leads into purchases and retaining them as long-term clients. In B2B, buyers are focused on their profit margins. That is the foundation of their company. And they're well aware that your rake may reduce their profit margins.

Quality, certainty, and the belief that the purchase would offer them an advantage over their competition now and in the future are equally important to them. A B2B buyer provides a realistic, multi-level product category to your B2B marketplace for buyers and sellers when it comes to transacting.




Don't go after the centre stronghold, which is dominated by winners and market leaders. They have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo since, in many cases, they stand to lose more than they gain if the market becomes more efficient.  Instead, starting on the boundaries of the market and working your way in would be a better tactic. Concentrate on the marginal nodes that stand to benefit the most from a new way of doing things.




Continuous customer insights are crucial for B2B marketplaces. Speak with your clients. Don't merely keep an eye on the data that comes out of your software. Make friends with the people you meet. Make direct contact with them via video chats, phone calls, emails, and messages, and arrange to meet for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, conferences, and other events.

You should plan to spend 50% of your time talking to your users personally, asking them questions, and receiving input. This should be followed during numerous stages of the development of the B2B marketplace.




Keep in mind that B2B market nodes are typically close-knit. Everyone is engaged in conversation. The density of the network is high. They've all met each other at trade shows, council meetings, and industry dinners. You must presume that everything you say to one person in the market will be heard by everyone else. Because the way you establish and grow your marketplace will become well-known, it's critical to properly plan and articulate your strategy.




Because the margins are greater and the industry is not yet efficient, new items or services that have never existed before are frequently an excellent method to break into a market. Because competitors are focused on their core business, new enabling technologies allow competitors to overlook fresh potential opportunities. By creating new supply or demand, you can open up vast limitless possibilities.


Future of B2B trade portal

In the B2B industry, new concepts keep bursting and proliferating. It's also normal for there to be a shakeout after a while, with only the most successful surviving. All online markets will eventually have to show their viability by providing customers with efficiency and distinctive value. Those who can survive and compete successfully will continue to add value and profit.


Which are the top B2B marketplaces in India?

Let's take a look at the top B2B multi-seller marketplaces that are boosting Indian e-commerce forward in 2022 and beyond:



Udaan's B2B trade portal connects buyers and manufacturers directly, resulting in faster and more effective business operations. Purchasers and sellers can communicate directly with one another, and certain buyers may be eligible for credit. The main objective is to assist Indian suppliers, dealers, and manufacturers in finding new clients. Every day, thousands of entrepreneurs use our platform to generate sales leads.



IndiaMART, founded in 1996, is India's leading B2B multi-vendor marketplace. IndiaMART has been connecting consumers and sellers from all over India. It is designed for individual sellers, SMEs, and high-volume enterprise organisations. IndiaMART is the largest online B2B marketplace in the country. It connects buyers and vendors on a single platform.



Alibaba is the largest global b2b online marketplace, connecting Indian suppliers, exporters, importers, and customers with global businesses. Alibaba allows Indian buyers to buy from worldwide wholesalers and Indian sellers to offer their products worldwide.



Tradeindia is another Indian B2B multi-seller marketplace that caters to small enterprises in India and throughout the world. It provides them with a shared platform on which to market their goods and services. This B2B website provides information on several trade events and exhibitions that take place throughout the year. It is a platform that offers a variety of services to buyers and sellers, such as business catalogues and trade alerts.



Global Trade Plaza is an India-based business-to-business (B2B) marketplace that brings buyers and sellers together. It focuses on large-scale purchases and sales. It allows businesses to connect from all around the world. You can look for certified sources that advertise their goods and services. It's yet another resource for entrepreneurs trying to start or grow their businesses. It has evolved into a rising b2b trading portal for buyers and sellers.

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