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Finding Top Wholesale Suppliers and Manufacturers in India: Here’s Everything You Must Know

  • Date posted : February 08, 2022
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Finding Top Wholesale Suppliers and Manufacturers in India: Here’s Everything You Must Know
Suppliers and Manufacturers

India's export business is majorly driven by small and medium-scale manufacturers, which makes sourcing from the country beneficial. Acquiring products from suppliers on schedule, in the best quality, and in the right amount necessitates skilled bargaining expertise and a thorough understanding of the areas of business. It takes time to identify a source for your items in India, and extensive analysis is essential. It goes without saying, the Indian marketplace is vast and unmatched. As per official statistics, India's exports increased by 37% year on year to $37.29 billion in December 2021. According to data released by the Commerce Ministry, overseas exports in April-December 2021 exceeded $300 billion, surpassing exports in 2020-21. This article will educate you on how to choose the best suppliers and manufacturers in India and begin placing orders for required goods.

Befriend the Digital World 

Search Engines such as Google can be extremely helpful in your initial durations. In-depth research will either lead you to the ideal wholesale supplier or the suitable contacts in the B2B sector. Social media research always yields results. Engage in Indian digital forums of your industry niche, you'll definitely find the right links to the best suppliers and manufacturers in India. There is a wealth of relevant and untapped data accessible on the internet, waiting for you.

B2B Marketplace for Buyers and Suppliers

The most efficient way to kickstart your search for the right supplier is through B2B marketplaces in India. There are numerous B2B Marketplaces in India that offer details of a variety of suppliers and manufacturers but you must choose the right one, the trusted one. That’s where Global Trade Plaza comes into the picture. It is the most trusted B2B Marketplace for buyers and suppliers, with listings from almost every major country. Global Trade Plaza is the preferred name by thousands of buyers from across the globe. The Indian businesses listed on their portal are top-notch and reliable. So, post your requirements there, and let suppliers contact you. 

Networking is the Key 

If you have contacts in the market or know people in your sector who are based out of India, definitely ask them for connections that can ultimately direct you to the right wholesale suppliers. If you pick the proper method, you can get a lot of valuable information solely through networking. Don’t waste that contact list!

Trade Shows & Exhibitions 

This is yet another reasonable solution. If you do have the funds and energy required, you should consider attending trade shows. You'll have many chances to speak with folks one on one. This can bring you business from surprising places. These events are frequently attended by influential individuals and authorities from the B2B industry. These are excellent for contacting the best suppliers and manufacturers in India and conversing with them personally. Suppliers from India are also likely to attend large industrial trade exhibitions in your nation. The majority of trade shows take place once a year and are usually industry-specific. 

Export Promotion Council 

Export Promotion Councils (EPCs) are organisations set up by the Government of India to help and assist Indian exporters by providing access to international markets, promoting Indian products through various activities and can, therefore, be utilized by importers. This is also one of the most simple and reliable sources. 

Key Points To Remember


Small Supplier or Large Manufacturer?

It is totally up to you to choose but there are a few aspects to ponder on before. Major suppliers may not respond if you request an order of small volume since that deal wouldn't mean much to them. Anyhow, Most large manufacturers have a minimum purchase quantity. But, yes large suppliers are unquestionably more dependable than small suppliers. Although, if you discover a local supplier to deal with, they may be more liberal with rates and may also adjust to your demands quite precisely because to them every order matters. If you do decide to go with a small supplier, make sure you do your homework first to confirm their credibility.

Budget & Expectations

Be specific with your budget, as you can readily end up paying far more than you intended. You don't really want to learn about unexpected charges afterwards, so make sure your supplier discloses all connected prices in advance. Furthermore, you must thoroughly evaluate everything you need from the goods as well as the standard of service you anticipate. So that you won't be startled by the ultimate outcome or spend on items that do not meet your requirements. Now, to ensure all this, always ask for samples, minimum order quantities and quotations-


  • Always Get Samples - If you can manage it, get some samples. Some wholesale suppliers may as well provide you with a discount. This will give a better understanding of the quality of the product you'll be paying for and receiving. And, if you're not pleased, switch to some other supplier. There are innumerable options to explore, so don't cut corners on quality. Always remain vigilant when selecting a supplier because your ultimate goal is to meet the needs of your customers.


  • Minimum Order Quantity & Quotation- This is key information for you to comprehend. Always ensure to request a quote first. Send an email to receive a quotation. In essence, you're inquiring exactly how much sum would be required for your order. Your message must be professional and concise. You must also know the minimum purchase quantity of the supplier. You can assess and determine if it is in your budget. This pricing varies depending on the source. Keep in mind that certain wholesale suppliers provide a bargain for big purchases.

Understand the Cultural Differences

India has a rich cultural diversity. As a result, based on where you're from, ethics in business can vary greatly. Because differences in culture and language barrier can quickly generate misunderstandings, when contacting or working with Indian suppliers, you must become acquainted with the business culture of India. It is not a bad idea to consult an expert. Also, you should know that these differences are not a barrier when it comes to doing business through a global B2B marketplace.





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