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Dates Exporters On B2B Online Directory

  • Date posted : June 21, 2022
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Dates Exporters On B2B Online Directory

Dates are a sweet, chewy, and nutritious fruit that is a staple cuisine in many Middle Eastern countries. They are, however, consumed practically everywhere in the world as natural sweeteners in smoothies, shakes, nutritional bars, bakery items, and other foods. Dates are extremely helpful since they include numerous vitamins and minerals that promote good health.




Historically, the agricultural sector has not been a part of Indian culture. Exceptions, however, can be found all over the subcontinent. The climate in India, a tropical country, is not ideal for date palm cultivation. The monsoon normally arrives about the same time as the dates start to mature. Because they lack the essential technology to deal with and preserve their crops, the few farmers who make a living from it must watch their crops decay. Farmers also complain about the high cost of saplings and the absence of government involvement. Palm cultivation in India was hampered by a lack of support and difficult weather conditions. Nonetheless, a few localities have made significant progress on the road to success.

Gujarat, which stretches along the western coast, is the largest grower in the industry. Tamil Nadu and Kerala, in the south, have their fair number of groves. Rajasthan and Maharashtra have also embarked on a date palm-growing quest.




The soft and dry dates are known in India as Khajur and Kharek, respectively. Although both versions have a place on breakfast and dinner menus, the dry variety is preferred since it lasts longer and may be stored for subsequent use.

The demand for both dry and fresh dates has been steadily increasing. Date consumption in the United States may differ from that in Middle Eastern and North African countries, but it is extremely widespread, regardless of castes or religions. The majority of dry dates are consumed by Christian and Muslim Indians, whose behaviours and eating habits are influenced by cultural and religious factors. The sweetness and delectable flavour of dates has influenced people from all walks of life.

Doctors and dieticians have long advocated for the use of dates due to their numerous health benefits. Local harvests were unable to meet the enormously expanding demand for dates. To accommodate the ever-increasing demand, imports have been increasing.




Finding worldwide buyers is no longer difficult, and we can appreciate the wholesale industry's digitalization for this. You may now buy or sell anything you desire from the comfort of your own home.

Global Trade Plaza is a B2B business directory where you can find a variety of dates suppliers and manufacturers to choose from.


  1. CASTLE FARMS- Castle Farms is a date brand with a conscience, with a three-generation farming history. Since 1970, they have been cultivating dates in Madinah, Saudi Arabia. They provide the best dates at extremely reasonable prices, and they have satisfied many local and international consumers through B2B online directory.

  2. OASIS LINA DATES- Oasis Lina Dates was founded in 2002 and specialises in the export of ates, ajwa, sukkari, medjool, and khoudary. Their business got a great recognition among customers via B2B directory free listing on Global Trade Plaza.

  3. PALMERA DATES AGRICULTURE AND TRADING- Their Mejdoul Dates are graded and sorted using cutting-edge machinery. Palmera has begun producing its finest Medjool dates from Jordanian and Palestinian crops in its new facility in Amman, Jordan, with the help of Elisam Srl's cutting-edge technology. They flourished their company through the B2B online directory.  The new grading machine ensures that their Medjool dates are graded accurately in terms of size, quality, moisture, and internal mould.

  4. TADROS FARMS- Tadros Farms produces delicious dates, distributes them locally and globally, and maintains a high level of quality. These dates are farmed and packaged on their family's farm, which is nestled in the sun-drenched Jordan Valley, just north of the Dead Sea and sold with the help of B2B marketplace, Global Trade Plaza .

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