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What we offer

Standard Membership Plan is our finest service package. It is a prominent and one of the most preferred packages by the sellers on our platform. In this plan, we offer you the highest quality services and digital solutions for your project at affordable prices. This plan is designed and structured to address every major requirement and demand of your business. Everything and anything your business needs, you’ll be offered here.

Key Features

  • Products in the catalogue

    You’ll be able to list 50 products on your catalogue page giving you the freedom to advertise maximum products. These products will appear on your personalized catalogue page on our website. This will allow your customers to have a look at all your major products at a go and also check their details when required.

  • Priority Listings

    You’ll get to add a maximum of 50 products/services in the priority listings section. This will help you in highlighting your top products and attracting new buyers. When you choose the Standard membership plan, you are ensuring maximum visibility of your products and company. The exposure you have directly affects the growth of your business.

  • Buyers Leads

    We’ll provide your company with 240 verified leads. This will aid in the growth and development of your business. Since the leads will be authentic and sales-qualified, they are most likely to convert and bring your company profitability. Sales-qualified leads help you in saving time and effort. This will allow you to direct your time and focus on the creative aspects of your business.

  • Catalogue page

    Your company will have a separate and dedicated digital catalogue page on our website. Your company's description, products, services, and contact details will be displayed on this catalogue page. This will give your customer clarity. We will be creating an eye-catching, aesthetically balanced, and functionality-rich digital catalogue page for your company.

  • Business Website

    Our team of experts will develop an engaging and exclusive business static website that will help you reach more potential customers. Digitalization is at its peak and your business cannot grow without a digital presence. Our team of developers and designers will create an appealing, result-driven and user-friendly website for your business. Your website will be the digital face of your company and we will make sure, it appears perfect.

  • Domain and Hosting

    We will provide complimentary proper domain and web hosting services for your business website. Your business website developed by our team will also be hosted by us without any extra charges. This will take off a major responsibility from your shoulders and allow you to focus on other business aspects.

  • Mobile-responsive website

    With billions of smartphone users, it has become essential for websites to be mobile-responsive and user-friendly. We at Global Trade Plaza have a team of experts who will develop a top-notch Mobile-responsive website for your business. Search engines have now also started considering the responsiveness of a website for page ranking. We will develop for you a business website that will run and function smoothly on all platforms and devices allowing you to rank on top pages in Google and other search engines.

  • Live chat on website

    We will provide a “Live Chat" feature on your website designed and managed by our in-house team. This will allow the visitors to engage with your company and resolve their queries, if any. This enhances the authenticity of your business and builds trust in your customers.

  • Dedicated Account Manager

    We understand how complex it can be to communicate with a company and buyers regularly. We will assign you a dedicated account manager who will provide support to your company and resolve all your issues throughout the service period. Your account manager will ensure that you utilize our services to the fullest, will help you in maintaining your company profile, website. Your account manager will make sure that the information and images on your company's profile and website stay updated and accurate.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Social media marketing is the key to boosting your exposure and establishing credibility in the market. We have a team of professionals who are experts in digital and social media marketing. They will help you establish a strong digital presence which, in turn, will increase the conversion rate for your business. We will promote your company across various social media platforms, manage your handles, and also market your company through official social media handles of Global Trade Plaza.

  • SEO Optimized Website and Digital Marketing

    Our team will develop your business website according to the SEO standards and promote it on various leading search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

  • Trade Shows

    We will keep you updated with the latest trade shows and exhibitions organized in your country and across the globe.

  • Google My Business Listing

    Google has easily retained its position as the world's most popular search engine, and it keeps growing up. A Google My Business listing gives you exposure and helps you reach potential clients by increasing business visibility across Google services. All you have to do is offer information and images about your company, such as its location, services, and products. Google reviews are very beneficial to SEO strategies. The key to increasing your exposure and creating reputation in the market is to use social media marketing. We have a team of professionals at Global Trade Plaza that are experts in digital and social media marketing. Our specialised digital marketing team will develop a GMB profile for your business and promote it through regular postings. This will enable you in establishing a strong digital presence, which will enhance your conversion rate.

  • Trade Intelligence

    By employing data to answer questions about the organization's past and present, trade intelligence substantially improves how a company approaches decision-making. Our customers can access the last 15 years of import and export data from different nations using Global Trade Plaza's Trade Intelligence service. Every product's import-export information is available on our website. It is intended to provide the most up-to-date international merchandise and commercial services trade data, as well as an overview of imports and exports, tariffs, and non-tariff measures for each country and region. Clients can use the statistics to select products for export.

  • Professional Email Address

    Business communication is highly important to engage with your customers and E-mail is the most effective way for it. A professional E-mail address is used for business communications that are based on your custom domain. It will help to keep the data, communication, and files organized in one place. When you have business email it will help to establish a good and professional image in the customer mindset. We help by providing you professional e-mail address that helps you to excel in your business.

Unique features

Dedicated Account Manager

Unlimited Business Enquiries

Import Export Consultant

Language Convertor

Product Showcase

Tradeshow Facilitation

Multi Language Translator