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  • Minimum quantity12500 Metric Ton
  • Port of dispatchBrazil
  • TypeSuppliers | Trader
  • Processing time1 Month
  • Estimate pricing$ 1
  • PackagingCustomised

Products Description

One of the most popular cereal grains consumed worldwide is wheat. It derives from Triticum, a type of grass that is cultivated in many variants all over the world. When wheat is ground into a powder, wheat flour is produced for human consumption. If a wheat variety has a low gluten content, it is referred to as "soft" or "weak," and if it has a high gluten content, it is referred to as "hard" or "strong." Bread, chapattis, naan bread, morning cereals, biscuits, crackers, crumpets, scones, pancakes, wafers, cakes, pizza, spaghetti, pastries, and Yorkshire puddings are all made from wheat, which is a grain. Several vitamins and minerals are found in whole wheat in good amounts. Insoluble fiber, which is concentrated in the bran of whole-grain wheat, is plentiful. It improves intestinal health. It contains significant levels of a variety of nutrients that are necessary for health or advantageous to it, including protein, vitamins (particularly B vitamins), dietary fiber, and phytochemicals. Select BSB COMMODITIES CONSULTORIA E INTERMEDIAO LTD for the best wheat of the highest quality at a reasonable price.

Products Specification

  • typewheat meal, wheat animal feeds
  • colorlight yellow
  • tastesweet
  • moisture15-22%
  • size3-5 mm
  • storingin a cool and dry place
  • originBrazil