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Free Platform to Promote Your Business & Products: B2B Portal in India

  • Date posted : February 05, 2022
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Free Platform to Promote Your Business & Products: B2B Portal in India

Whether you are a manufacturer, exporter, supplier, wholesaler, distributor or trader, the drive to promote your business and reach more buyers is constant. And if you have been trying various methods to achieve that goal and spending on exorbitant advertisements without getting any desired results, it’s time you list your business on the most trusted B2B Portal in India- Global Trade Plaza. 

Global Trade Plaza provides you with a global platform to list your business and products, and reach potential customers without paying anything. Yes, it really is a blessing for every B2B seller as well as a buyer. Now, let’s understand why you should list your business on a marketplace- 

Importance of Registering Your Business on a B2B Portal in India

Global Exposure 

When you register with a B2B portal, you acquire a digital presence, which offers your company a multinational reach. Whether a business is small or large, the internet is the only way to reach a wide audience, resulting in increased sales. Suppose you run a medium-scale company from a small town. Now, even if you sell the best products, your recognition will be limited to the town or at most nearby cities. A B2B marketplace in India, on the other hand, allows you to connect with verified customers and sellers from all over the world, expanding the scope of your local business to a global arena.

Reliable Source of Industry Information

B2B portals are not only a great place for exhibiting your products and reaching new customers but also the best and most reliable source for any industry information, latest news, current trends, and more. These B2B marketplaces provide a wealth of information about industry pricing, customer requirements and competitors' business. Therefore, a B2B Portal in India will also assist you in keeping track of your competition in your market, which is quite essential in flourishing in your sector.

Verified Buyer Leads 

A B2B Marketplace in India such as Global Trade Plaza will provide you with genuine and 100% verified buy leads that will convert. There are of course other ways to extract buy leads but most of the time these details are inaccurate or incomplete. However, you won’t face such problems with the leads received from a trusted B2B portal. 

Streamlined Sales Process 

A B2B Portal will not only provide you with access to an extensive list of buyers but also help you in determining and approaching the right prospect. A reputable B2B portal will assist you in automating your sales cycle. You can set up search alerts and prompts in a B2B marketplace to alert you whenever a relevant buying requirement is posted. A B2B portal in India can, therefore, also support you in filtering out inquiries that are useless to your business. 

A Wise Investment 

Most B2B marketplaces provide affordable yearly subscriptions in exchange for full exposure to their directory of validated buyers and suppliers details.  You also receive plenty of other services that make online business easier. When you examine the amount of this investment to the costs of advertising and other promotion methods, the gap is surprising. Accessing B2B platforms allows you to have a much more thorough insight into your potential customers' needs while also saving a significant sum of money every year.

Steer Away The Competition 

The desire of every company owner is to maintain a competitive edge. If your rivals are conventional suppliers, joining a B2B marketplace gives you entry into untapped areas and customers, putting you ahead of them. The knowledge of similar organisations in the same sector aids in understanding customers' requirements. While the competition benefits the customers, analyzing the market and market trends provide businesses with a competitive advantage. Numerous layers of the business, such as costing, value propositions, positioning strategy, and so on, are among the gems of advantages that a business might get by joining a B2B Portal in India.

Not A Choice Anymore 

Business owners must understand that joining a B2B Portal is not a choice anymore owing to the cut-throat competition and digital transformation. You must take your business online and on a global level to reach customers that value your products and services. In order for this to happen, you need to list your business on a B2B portal rather than spending a fortune on other means. And what’s better than kickstarting your digital marketplace journey with the fastest-growing B2B Portal in India trusted by thousands of suppliers and buyers- Global Trade Plaza. 

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